How Can You Create Compelling Marketing Content for Your New Movie?

How Can You Create Compelling Marketing Content for Your New Movie?

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The movie industry is global in scope and is only successful when it wins the hearts and minds of audiences. With so many avenues and media channels from which consumers can choose, marketing any movie, no matter how big or small, becomes a special challenge. You may have just finished editing the last scene of your movie, but how are you going to propel it to fame and make it attractive to audiences? How are you really going to get bums on seats?

The Power of the Movie Trailer

Even in an age when digital content and online media channels seem to have taken over, the movie trailer remains the most powerful storytelling device in the context of marketing for any movie. Companies such as The Solid State understand all too well the many challenges that movie studies and producers need to overcome in order to appeal to a broad range of audiences.

So, what does the ideal movie trailer entail? Consider the following:

  • Story: In many ways the movie trailer is a super condensed version of the actual full-length movie, but it should be put together so as to appeal to an audience. The running time for the average trailer is so short that it’s important to include scenes from the movie that tell a coherent story in as short a time as possible while making sense to an audience. Doing this is an art in and of itself.
  • Anticipation: While it is crucial to tell a story with the movie trailer, it is also important not to reveal too much from the movie. The plot needs to be spelled out in broad terms, but still leave the audience wondering what the move is about. The scenes selected from the movie need to be carefully chosen in order to fuel and build audience anticipation for the movie without revealing too much. The questions that the trailer poses should be just enough to whet the appetite of audiences watching it.

Why Trailer Production Companies Are Important to the Industry

One might wonder why the producers of the movie itself would seek the services of a third-party specialist trailer production company instead of doing it themselves. The problem is that movie makers have usually spent so long shooting, cutting, directing, writing, organising, and editing that they are not in an emotional position to cut their own trailers with any objectivity. In this context, they are really too close to the movie itself.

This is where a third party can really help to bring clarity to the process. They will not have the same emotional connection to the movie and will be able to cut through the story without fear or favour to get at the essence of it. What this means is that they can put together a movie trailer that is created specifically to appeal to audiences without the emotional baggage that is so often carried by the writers and producers of the movie itself.

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