How Easily Your Online Photos Can Be Stolen

How Easily Your Online Photos Can Be Stolen

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The photos you post online are never safe, for the simple reason that stealing them is very easy and considering how much work goes into taking the perfect photo an editing it just right to produce the desired effect, this is very bad news. It is especially frustrating when you post photos online for profit. If many of your stolen photos end up everywhere, which they may very well do, you will make close to nothing on the photos.

Understanding how easy it is to steal photos online can help you better protect your intellectual property. But this should never deter you from posting your photos online. It may be easy for some people to steal your photos, but that doesn’t mean they want to. Stealing of photos online rarely happens since there are so many options to choose from. Yet, it is understandable why you would want to protect them if that’s how you earn your keep.

The Simple Way to Steal Photos Online

 One of the easiest ways people can steal your photos online is by simply right-clicking on the image and then choosing “Save image as” from the list of options that show up. But this is the very basic way to steal and image and it only works for photos that are completely unprotected. There are several easy ways to protect against this very easy way to steal a photo.  You can create a transparent layer over the photos using HTML coding that will eliminate this possibility.

Having this kind of protection may prevent someone from right-clicking on the image. But if the person was very motivated, there is a way around this protection. If a person can find the code for the webpage, then all they have to do is locate the image in the code and download it. Most browsers make it very easy to locate the source coding of any website. Once here, all a person has to do is locate the section of the code beginning with “img” to find an image.

How to Adequately Protect Your Images

 Aside from adding s transparent layer over the image, the most commonly used form of protection for online images is watermarks. For the longest time, watermarks have been the go-to solution since they render the image useless to the person stealing them.

While watermarks might be a great solution, they are not ideal for simple images that you want to post to your website. It is also quite easy to remove a watermark from an image with image editing software like Photoshop.

A better solution is required to prevent the theft of images especially high resolution photos that are often the target. This solution would prevent even more sophisticated ways of stealing an image from a website; using the print screen feature to grab the photo in high resolution. A viable solution for image theft would be welcome by photographers who lose income every time their photo is shared online without their consent.

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