What Characteristics Must I Consider When Searching For A Wedding Planner?

What Characteristics Must I Consider When Searching For A Wedding Planner?

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The job of selecting a wedding planner isn’t one that needs to be taken gently. The individual you hire will take part in your existence for quite a while (annually or even more in some instances), therefore it is essential that you spend some time for making this essential decision. While you think about a planner, what characteristics should to consider?


Whenever a person loves what she or he does, it shows! Your wedding planner should show enthusiasm about dealing with you and also planning your personal day. Don’t misunderstand me, wedding planners have bad days much like everybody else, however their overall mood should be among sincere excitement about what they’re doing!


What’s passion without understanding? Your wedding planner have to know what understand what they’re doing, and should have the ability to articulate that understanding for you. For those who have an issue, your planner will be able to answer it or have your call answered for you personally. Watch out for individuals that do not take time to answer the questions you have or are condescending once they do answer! Also, a wedding planner should use their understanding and experience to organize for several risks. For instance, if your bride wants an outside wedding, a wedding planner should immediately suggest getting a ‘Plan B’ in situation of inclement weather.

Open-Mindedness and Versatility

Here’s your wedding day, and not the planner’s! Your wedding planner ought to be available to your ideas and help you produce them arrived at fruition. When the planner understands that a specific idea might not work for the situation, or can suggest a different way to get it done, she or he is going to do so. However the planner should not impose his very own may on yours!


Trust is made with time, and really should be shown in the truth that your wedding planner is really a person of their word. She or he follows as guaranteed, and really should tell you if you will see a delay in responding or answering the questions you have. She or he should return calls and emails on time (remember that planners have lives too, so be reasonable inside your expectations). The responsiveness continues well past once you signed anything and through the existence of the working relationship.


Getting years of project management software experience, I will tell you that the wedding is really a project, with a lot of details that has to all combined efforts to create a beautiful occasion. Your wedding planner should be a detail-oriented person to make sure there is nothing missed.


I have listed this quality last, but it’s definitely not least! Your wedding planner ought to be a sort individual who likes you you. When I mentioned earlier, this individual is within your existence for time, so that they should genuinely want to make sure you possess a beautiful wedding day. You ought to be treated as an individual, not only another having to pay client. Whenever a planner stops caring concerning the couples they’re dealing with, you’re ready to close-up shop!

Your Planning Assignment

While you consider getting a wedding planner, ponder these traits. They can help you discover the person who’s just made for you. Happy Planning!

Brenna Taylor continues to be planning weddings, special occasions and conferences for quite some time. She combines her passion for event planning, particularly weddings, together with her almost 18 many years of corporate project management software experience, to help clients in planning the key occasions of the lives.

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